Voici la liste: The top ten questions every programmer should ask on a job interview

  1. How many hours are in a typical work week?
  2. What are the expectations regarding travel?
  3. On average, how long does an employee remain with your company?
  4. What kind of on-going training can I expect to receive?
  5. Can you give me an overview of the development process?
  6. Who is your largest client, and what can you tell me about the work you do for them?
  7. Can you discuss any growing pains experienced by the company in the last two years?
  8. How is a typical performance review handled?
  9. What types of social activities are organized throughout the year?
  10. Can you tell me if I have the experience you need?

Une autre liste intéressante: Questions every Candidate should ask a potential new employer

  1. Explain the company’s development process at a high level.
  2. How are releases scheduled/planned, do you utilize iterations
  3. Do you have dedicated environments (development, qa, stage, production)
  4. Do you follow any formal methodology (agile (what flavor), waterfall, etc)
  5. What is the company’s philosophy on team member involvement in the SDLC process
  6. Do you have a continuous build environment setup
  7. Do you follow some form of TDD
  8. How do you track/follow bugs/issues
  9. Do you perform code reviews
  10. What type of development tools do you have
  11. What type of hardware for the developers to you have
  12. Is QA involved from the onset of development
  13. Do you have a knowledge center for the team such as a team portal, wiki, etc
  14. Do you have up to date specs on the application
  15. What form of stake holder involvement is there in the development cycle
  16. Do you have documented coding standards, are they followed