May 2007

Voici l’article d’IBM: Guide to Running Software Development Projects

Résumé de 10 facteurs principaux pour le succès d’un projet de développement de logiciel:

  1. Recruit skilled and experienced people
    The project manager and technical lead should interview the other team members and they should have the final say about who joins the team.
  2. Use leading edge, not bleeding edge technology
  3. Use the appropriate development process
    The nature of modern software projects demands a spiral-based development process, such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP), or even an agile methodology, such as eXtreme Programming. … The most important factor for any project is not so much which process is used, but how well it is applied.
  4. Provide the right tools
  5. Use source control management
    All documents, not just source code, are under version control of the SCM system.
  6. Apply sound estimating techniques
    Software development is a process of gradual refinement and so it is with estimation. … When estimating a schedule, be careful not to include too much schedule compression.
  7. Breakdown effort into mini-milestone tasks
    The best method of documenting and tracking mini-milestones is using a spreadsheet. The project plan from a tool, such as MicroSoft® Project, is better used for higher-level tasks.
  8. Track all project hours
  9. The only constant is change
  10. Project leadership

It’s not new, but I think it’s right. Enjoy!
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